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We are a family owed Business for 32 Years now with the foundation built on a word from the Lord.


When my husband was a young boy, the age of five, the Lord came to him in a dream and showed himself to him. Born in Florida raised in Virginia, his family was very poor and struggled but loved God. Randy grew up with very little education dropped out of school and went to work in orange groves to help support his mom. When he was seventeen years old, he got saved in a tent revival in Wahneta Florida and so his journey with the lord and loving tents began. He went to work for one of the best tent makers at that time David Wine. At the age of twenty-one he was at the altar in a revival in Auburndale Florida and the Lord spoke to him to look upon the stage and see your wife. I had never met him but that is where our journey together began.

Randy and I both built and set tents together all-over the eastern part of the US. Randy never had any other job from the time he was saved except tents. It was about five years after we had been married in 1985, we found ourselves without a job because our boss, at that time had moved out of the county. Randy didn’t know where to begin, he was out of work with a family to support. Then one night God showed up to him once again in a vision. In this dream the hand of God pulled him up out of the miry clay and stood him upon a rock and the hand of God pointed to a pile of tents and spoke, “I HAVE SEEN YOU GO DAYS AND WEEKS WITHOUT A PAY-CHECK STAY HOLY BEFORE ME AND I WILL BLESS YOU I WILL TURN THE TABLES AND BLESS YOU MIGHTILY”

We had nothing, but within two weeks a wonderful man From Miami Florida called, his name was Bill Winkler, he told Randy if he would come and set his tents during his seasonal sales, he would pay him and then afterwards he could rent them all year long. He placed sixteen tents in Randy’s care, some was as large as an acre and that was the beginning of ABC TENT RENTALS.INC.                               


The Lord has always been at the center of our life, family and business. Randy was a dreamer and God spoke to him and it would always come to pass. He was also a wonderful preacher and the gifts of God worked through him as he would preach the word of the LORD SO POWERFUL! And it was so amazing watching God move through him. I was so pleased and thankful to be his wife.  


The Lord came to Randy in a vision and spoke...


And he would always make a way when he saw the need. My husband was a very powerful man, and he taught my children and I all he could about this company. He has gone to the realm of Glory now and there is not a day that goes by that I don't long for him to be here. I know he left a legacy in our hands and with that comes a great responsibility and we will continue to do what he has taught us. We will make a way even with the rising economy. The Lord is first and foremost and will always make a way for us.

I am thankful that God chose me to be the helpmate of such a wonderful man of God with a great commission. I believe it is very important to be one and walk as one and I will continue to do so alone with my wonderful Children.

We are one even as he is one with the Father. We are so thankful to be a part of your ministry and we thank each one who has obeyed God and took a step of Faith to save souls!! That’s the most important thing in this world, SOULS.

On every tent that has been made by ABC TENT RENTAL, The Lord told Randy to put this on each one, Mark 16:15-18: GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE…






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ABC Tents

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